Annual Meeting Bible Reading Plan

Welcome to the "Next Generation Scripture Engagement - the South Asian Experience" Bible Reading Plan!  Those involved in planning the Colombo program desire that we prepare our hearts and minds for this time by spending the next 30 days (starting 1 March or soon after) interacting personally with the Word of God, in anticipation of doing it in community when we’re together.  As we read together God’s Word, our hope is that the Holy Spirit will prepare us to be challenged and changed by the Colombo event – so we may become more like Christ through his Word.


The Bible Reading Plan focuses on what the Bible says about God’s Word.  God’s Word is a major theme from Genesis to Revelation and will be the focus of our time together in Sri Lanka.  Each morning while in Colombo we will spend an hour as a community in Bible engagement – learning about what it is and engaging with Psalm 1 around tables together.  The Bible Reading Plan will help us all prepare for our time together each morning during the conference.


We would like to encourage each of you to take time to read the passages we are providing each day, and let the Holy Spirit help us to reflect on what God is saying.  There is no rush.  Listen to what the passage says with an open heart and mind

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