Member agencies represent a wide spectrum of Christian heritage and mission. They span more than 120 countries and are headquartered in five different nations. Their workers represent thousands of dedicated believers committed to seeing the life changing Word impacting all peoples.


Membership Member agencies represent a wide spectrum of Christian heritage and mission.  They span more than 120 countries and are headquartered in five different nations. Their workers represent thousands of dedicated believers committed to seeing the life changing Word impacting all peoples.  Many agencies have a long history of service, the oldest founded over two hundred years ago.  Others are fledging, finding their opportunities for worldwide partnership and service.

For information on becoming a member please read about our qualifications and standards (see menu) and contact our Executive Coordinator if you meet the criteria.

Full Members

  • American Bible Society

    American Bible Society

    Contact Info:
    Mailing Address: American Bible Society

    101 North Independence Mall East FL8
    PA 19106-2112
    Phone Number: +1-215-309-0900

    The mission statement of the American Bible Society is "Making the Bible Available to every person in a language and format each can understand and afford, so all people may experience its life-changing message." 

    Founded in 1816 and headquartered in Philadelphia, the American Bible Society exists to make the Bible available to every person in a language and format each can understand and afford, so all people may experience its life-changing message. One of America's oldest nonprofit organizations, today’s American Bible Society provides interactive, high- and low-tech resources enabling first-time readers and seasoned theologians alike to engage with the best-selling book of all time. Pioneering for nearly 200 years, American Bible Society is opening the hope of God's Word for this and every rising generation.  

    For more information about the American Bible Society, please visit

  • Bible League Canada

    Bible League Canada

    Contact Info:
    Mailing Address: PO Box 368
    Grimsby, ON L3M 4H8
    Phone Number: P. 905.319.9500 / 1.800.363.9673

    Bible League Canada provides Scriptures and training worldwide so people prepared by the Holy Spirit will be brought into relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church.

    We believe the world needs the Living Word of God more than anything else. And nothing else has the power to change lives from the inside out. When people come into a relationship with Jesus, they are transformed by the power of God’s Spirit. Family, friends, village or community and eventually whole nations experience this transformation. The Holy Spirit inspires new Christians to adopt and apply biblical values to address their needs and become self-sustaining. In this way, by God’s grace, the Living Word will impact generations to come.


    We are deliberate about our work. We tell the story of Jesus Christ by:

    • Delivering Bible-based literacy programs
    • Equipping and training men and women to start churches in their communities
    • Offering children’s ministry programs
    • Supporting Christians who are persecuted for their faith 


    For more than 60 years, we have placed the Living Word of God into the hands of men, women and children. Today, we are actively partnering with indigenous Christian, church and community leaders, and local governments in more than 40 countries worldwide. Together with our faithful supporters, we equip Christians with Bibles, training and resources—delivering the Good News to those who have never heard it.


    For more information about Bible League Canada, please visit

  • Bible League International

    Bible League International

    Contact Info:
    Mailing Address: 1 Bible League Plaza
    Crete Illinois 60417

    4028 Daley Avenue
    Fort Worth TX 76180

    Phone Number: +1-866-825-4636

    Bible League International provides God's Word to a lost and needy world. We strive to end the global Bible Famine among persecuted Christians, Muslims, and the poor, where Scripture is hard or impossible to get.

    As a non-profit evangelical Christian service organization, Bible League International provides Bibles worldwide through programs, products and partners, especially the local church, to help people meet Jesus. Since its founding in 1938, Bible League International has placed millions of Bibles in the hands of people in more than 80 countries around the world. Bible League International produces Easy-to-Read™ Bible translations to help ensure that the first Bible that people receive is one they can easily read and understand. These Scripture products are available in print and digital formats. Through the Akses™ Digital Bible Libraries, apps, online downloads, and print-on-demand options, we go beyond the ordinary frontiers of outreach to sow the seed of the Gospel in some of the most difficult places on earth. Bible League International offers Project Philip Bible Study training and materials for churches to use for outreach and discipleship. We also offer training to churches so they can equip their members to plant additional churches. Bible-based literacy programs use the Easy-to-Read Bible text to teach literacy and English language reading skills to open spiritual eyes to the Word of God.These Literacy training programs and materials equip local churches and organizations to present the life-transforming Word of God to the poor and marginalized.

    For more information about Bible League International, please visit

  • Biblica


    Contact Info:
    Mailing Address: 1820 Jet Stream Dr.
    Colorado Springs, CO 80921
    Phone Number: +1-800-987-3595

    Celebrating more than 200 years in ministry, Biblica provides God’s Word to people through translation, publishing, and Bible engagement so that their lives are transformed through a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

    Biblica’s ministry extends worldwide, with outreach in Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, and North America.  Biblica has translated the Bible in more than 100 languages and is the translation sponsor and publisher of the New International Version© (NIV), the world’s leading contemporary English translation. The NIV is easier to understand, engaging you with the rich meaning of the original text.  Most read.  Most trusted.


    Transforming lives through God’s Word 


    Biblica accomplishes its mission through:

    Bible Translation

    Biblica translates the Bible into languages spoken by 1 million-plus speakers, has completed more than 100 languages, and is the translation sponsor and publisher of the New International Version© (NIV). 

    Bible Publishing

    Biblica produces translations and biblical resources to meet the needs of people in different cultures, conditions and beliefs.

    Bible Engagement

    Biblica offers programs and resources to churches and ministries to engage people more deeply in Scripture for life application and transformation.

    Through its worldwide reach, Biblica engages people with God’s Word.  From immigrants streaming through the gates of Ellis Island to refugees in Sudan and orphans in Romania—from Hindi speakers in India to Swahili speakers in Africa to Quichua Indians in the Andes of Latin America, Biblica is there, presenting God’s Word.

  • DAVAR Partners International

    DAVAR Partners International

    Contact Info:
    Mailing Address: Davar Partners International
    PO Box 663
    PA 18976-0663,
    Phone Number: +(1) 267 935 9673 (USA); +(972) 54 756 8335 (Israel)

    About Davar Partners International

    When 80% of people around the world do not read, struggle to read, or simply prefer to listen, they cannot engage with the Word of God until they HEAR it. Motivated to serve oral people, Davar records high-quality, accurate versions of the Bible in audio and aims to provide all people with an opportunity to engage with God’s Word in their languages. 

    Davar freely and widely publishes audio Bibles for distribution on a wide variety of digital platforms and devices and through many ministry partners. Davar collaborates with translation agencies, Bible societies, and global ministries in order to eliminate Bible poverty worldwide.

  • Hosanna/Faith Comes By Hearing

    Hosanna/Faith Comes By Hearing

    Contact Info:
    Mailing Address: 2421 Aztec Rd NE
 Albuquerque, New Mexico 87107
    Phone Number: +1-505-881-3321/800-545-6552 (toll-free)

    Mission Statement

    Our mission is to record and freely provide God's Word in audio and sign language to make disciples from every nation, tribe, language, and people.

    Ministry Description

    Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH) is a non-profit, donor-driven ministry committed to providing the world with free access to the Word of God in the form people are most likely to use.  

    Founded in 1972, the ministry records complete New Testaments and other Scripture portions voiced by heart-language speakers.  Our work is intended to make God’s Word available to all people in the language they use at home, in their community, and when praying.

    Today, millions of people can hear God speak their language.  More than 700,000 Bible listening groups have been started in 150+ countries in over 700 languages, with new groups launching every day.  Most groups use the Proclaimer, a solar-powered audio playback device containing the entire New Testament on an embedded chip.  

    The potential to reach billions of people is now possible with the Digital Bible Platform, which houses the world’s largest resource of digital Bible content.  

    This digital outreach provides free access via streaming and free downloads of podcasts from FCBH’s iTunes store or directly from our site.  The platform powers, a network of free mobile apps which allows people to listen to, read, and see the Bible on their Apple and Android devices.  In just three years, more than 100 million people – from literally every country on earth – have engaged with God’s Word digitally!

    Different types of listening groups now include villages or churches listening to a Proclaimer; home groups gathered around a computer; and individuals listening on their phone – even in the poorest and most sensitive countries around the world.   

    Faith Comes By Hearing’s goal is to record and provide free access to God’s Word in every translated language, making the fulfillment of the Great Commission a reality in our lifetime! 

    For more information about Faith Comes By Hearing®, please visit our website at

  • Institute for Bible Translation

    Institute for Bible Translation

    Contact Info:
    Mailing Address: PO Box 360
 101000 Moscow
    Phone Number: +7-495-956-6446

    The mission of The Institute for Bible Translation in Russia / CIS is to provide accurate and faithful translations that reveal the message of the Bible to modern readers.

    The Institute for Bible Translation (IBT) was founded in Sweden in 1973 with the aim of meeting the needs of 85 million Bibleless non-Slavic people living in the former Soviet Union. Since 1990, the time of "perestroika", IBT has been working in Russia, and has been registered as a Russian organization since 1995. In 2003, the operational center of IBT was transferred from Stockholm to Moscow (IBT Russia/CIS).

    IBT translates, publishes and distributes the Bible or portions of it in the languages of the non-Slavic peoples living in Russia and Central Asia. Together these peoples, speaking more than 100 different languages represent a diversity of cultures and religions (Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and shamanism/animism).

    IBT has translated and published the Bible or portions of it in 80 languages, including 7 full Bibles  - Georgian (1989), Tajik (1992), Tuvin (2011), Chechen (2012), Tatar (2015), Crimean Tatar (2016), Uzbek (2016); more than 30 New Testaments and the illustrated Children's Bible in more than 40 languages. IBT also produces audio recordings of the Bible texts, as well as Bible reference works and scholarly materials related to the receptor languages. The digital versions of IBT translations can be accessed free of charge on the IBT web-site.

    By 2017 IBT aims to complete the full Bible in Turkmen and the New Testament in Lezgi. Work is proceeding well and with the help of donors, prayer partners and translation partners (UBS, Wycliffe/SIL and PBT), IBT is confident that the Holy Scriptures will soon become available in many more languages.

    For more information about the Institute for Bible Translation Russia/CIS please visit:

  • Jesus Film Project

    Jesus Film Project

    Contact Info: |
    Mailing Address: 100 Lake Hart Drive
 Orlando, FL 32832
    Phone Number: +1-407-826-2300 or +1-800-432-1997

    Mission Statement

    Provide and promote effective Jesus focused films and strategies for evangelism and follow up for everyone in their heart language.

    Ministry Description

    Since 1951, Dr. Bill Bright, co-founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, dreamed of developing an appealing biblically accurate film about the life of Christ. He saw how the life-changing message of Jesus Christ could reach the world's millions-especially the illiterate-with greater impact through the medium of film. In 1979, "JESUS" was produced, a 2 hour film based on the Gospel of Luke.  
    Through use by The JESUS Film Project, and more than 1,500 Christian agencies, this powerful film has been seen by billions of people worldwide. On top of that, with over 1100 languages complete, the great majority of those heard the story of "JESUS" in a language they easily understand. As a result, more than 200 million people have indicated decisions to accept Christ as their personal Savior and Lord.

    The JESUS Film Project seeks to give everyone in the world an opportunity to see or hear the story of Jesus Christ in a language they can understand at a place close to where they live.  So whether a person speaks Swahili, French, or a language whose name is extremely difficult for most to pronounce, he or she will encounter the life and message of Jesus in a language "of the heart."

    The ministry has now expanded to include derivative products focused on children and women, as well as short evangelistic films and follow up films to help people grow in their walk with Christ. 

    For more information about the JESUS film please visit

  • Lifewords


    Contact Info:
    Mailing Address: 1a The Chandlery, 50 Westminser Bridge Road, London, SE1 7QY UK
    Phone Number: +44 (0) 20 7730 2155

    Lifewords (formerly Scripture Gift Mission) is a Christian charity that builds bridges between the Bible and everyday life. We work with partner organizations, churches and individuals to equip God's people to build his kingdom, wherever they are in the world.

    Our key programs include Pavement Project (a counselling resource to use with street children), Choose Life (values education for students in Kenya), The Visible Story (a pictorial representation of parables for low-literacy communities) and Life-changing words (a free Bible email service). We also produce printed resources in over 300 languages for evangelism, pastoral care, and discipleship. Many of these are pioneer languages, making God's Word available for the first time in cultures around the world.

    For more information visit our international homepage

  • Lutheran Bible Translators

    Lutheran Bible Translators

    Contact Info:
    Mailing Address: PO Box 789
    Missouri 64020
    Phone Number: +1-660-225-0810 or 1-800-532-4253 M-F between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. (Central Time).

    Mission Statement:

    Lutheran Bible Translators makes the Word of God accessible to those who do not yet have it in the language of their hearts.

    Ministry Description:

    Lutheran Bible Translators (LBT) believes that every person should have the opportunity to hear, read, and study the Good News about Jesus Christ as presented in the Scriptures. No barrier of language or culture should prevent people from having access to God’s Word. LBT partners with Lutheran church bodies and Bible translation organizations worldwide, helping to bring the Word of God to every language.

    Since being founded in 1964 by Dr. Morris and Lois Watkins, LBT has completed over 30 New Testament translations, and more than 70 Bible translation and Scripture engagement programs are in progress. The mission is advanced and hearts are touched by the Gospel through the faithful prayer and financial support of thousands of individuals, those who volunteer their time, and our dedicated missionaries. Our partnerships with churches and service and educational organizations/ministries across North America contribute to making the Word of God accessible to people around the world who do not yet have it in their mother tongue, the language that speaks to both the heart and the mind.

    For more information about the Lutheran Bible Translators, please visit

  • OneHope


    Contact Info:
    Mailing Address: 600 SW 3rd Street
 Pompano Beach, Florida 33060
    Phone Number: +1-954-975-7777

    The mission of OneHope is "to affect destiny around the world by providing God's eternal Word to all the children and youth of the world."

    OneHope is an international ministry that is changing lives by sharing Scripture with youth around the world. Keeping cultural relevance and each society’s unique issues in mind, OneHope’s programs in Japan look much different than their programs in Madagascar—and in each of the more than 125 countries they serve. The effectiveness of these programs is evaluated regularly. Each program is age specific and customized based on research OneHope conducts among children and youth, leaders and educators in the countries where they work. 

    Founded by missionary Bob Hoskins and now led by his son Rob, nearly a billion young people have heard a message of hope through Book of Hope publications, The GodMan animated film and other Scripture engagement programs since 1987. They do all of this so that lives are transformed.

    For more information about OneHope please visit

  • Open Doors

    Open Doors

    Contact Info:
    Mailing Address: P.O. Box 47
 3850 Ermelo
    Phone Number: +31-341-418-980

    To strengthen and equip the Body of Christ living under or facing restriction and persecution because of their faith in Jesus Christ, and to encourage their involvement in world evangelism by:

    • Providing Bibles and literature, media, leadership training, socio-economic development and through intercessory prayer;

    • Preparing the Body of Christ living in threatened or unstable areas to face persecution and suffering; and

    • Educating and mobilizing the Body of Christ living in the free world to identify with threatened and persecuted Christians and be actively involved in assisting them.

    We do so because we believe when one member suffers, all members suffer with it (1 Corinthians 12:26), all doors are open and God enables His Body to go into all the world and preach the Gospel.
Open Doors began in 1955 when Brother Andrew, a native of Holland, made his first trip behind the Iron Curtain to take Bibles to persecuted Christians. His ministry is immortalized in the book God's Smuggler, which helped redefine the boundaries of the modern missionary endeavor and aroused millions to the awareness of the Persecuted Body of Christ in areas of restricted access.

The Open Doors ministry now encompasses countries in the Asia, Latin America, Africa, Central Asia, and the Muslim world. As the spiritual battle intensifies and persecution increases, Open Doors will continue to go where faith costs the most, to equip and encourage Christians who are suffering for their faith worldwide.


    For more information about Open Doors International please visit

  • Pioneer Bible Translators

    Pioneer Bible Translators

    Contact Info:
    Mailing Address: 7255 West Camp Wisdom Road
 Dallas, TX 75236
    Phone Number: +1-214-699-4300

    Pioneer Bible Translators bridges the gap between the church and the Bible-less peoples around the world. Our team is composed of Bible translators, literacy evangelists, church planters, community development specialists and a variety of support personnel transforming lives through God’s Word in every language. We are serving 26 million people in 60 language projects in 14 countries. God is calling us to expand. With His help we will strive to start 37 new projects by the end of 2018.

    In the future, Pioneer Bible Translators will follow the Spirit’s lead to fill the gaps in the Bible Translation movement so that we and our partners will see churches with Scripture transforming every language group on earth by 2050.

    We have set the audacious goal of starting and finishing 250 projects by 2050 bringing our total number of projects to 300. We estimate that if we can complete 300 translation projects total, our 30 Forum of Bible Agencies partners will have enough momentum to handle the rest of the needs.

    Because we are a Bible Translation agency that also does church planting, we are uniquely suited to send teams of translators, church planters, literacy workers, and community development workers to cross 200 of the remaining language barriers where there is still no church and no Scripture. These least-reached, Scripture-less language groups suffer the greatest spiritual poverty remaining on earth. We are focusing most of our energy on this strategic gap to help eliminate the tragedy of extreme spiritual poverty.

    We plan to help fill a second critical gap in areas of extreme linguistic diversity where the sheer number of languages currently overwhelms the resources of the Bible Translation movement. We plan to start 50 translation projects to help our partners overcome the challenge of extreme linguistic diversity.

    Some language communities scattered over the earth have received a finished New Testament, but have not yet started to use it to transform their context. To fill this third gap, we intend to send 100 Scripture Impact workers who will find innovative ways to ensure that every language community that has Scripture begins to use it.

    By intentionally filling these three strategic gaps, we believe we will lighten the burden on our partners, making it possible for the Church to cross every remaining language barrier with church, Scripture and life transformation. Never before has it been imaginable, but we believe we are now training and sending out the generation of missionaries that can leave behind Churches using Scripture to transform every language community on earth.

    For more information about Pioneer Bible Translators please visit

  • Scripture Union

    Scripture Union

    Contact Info:
    Mailing Address: PO Box 282
    OX11 7XU
    United Kingdom
    Phone Number: +44 7899 873 747

    Working with churches, Scripture Union aims to make God’s Good News known to children, young people, and families and to encourage people of all ages to meet God daily through the Bible and prayer.

    Scripture Union (SU) is a worldwide movement of volunteers and staff serving together in over 130 countries. For over 145 years. Now in 120 countries. Scripture Union pursues its aims through a variety of specialist ministries around the world, in obedience to our Lord Jesus Christ and in reliance on the Holy Spirit.

    Scripture Union Activities Include:

    1. Programs for systematic Bible engagement, children's missions and family ministries

    2. Residential holiday activities and camps; ministries in schools

    3. Training activities

    4. Youth work

    5. The publishing and distribution of Christian literature and audio-visuals

    6. Specialist ministry to children at risk and those living in urban priority areas

    7. AIDS/HIV education programs

    For more information about Scripture Union please visit

  • SIL International

    SIL International

    Contact Info:
    Mailing Address: 7500 W. Camp Wisdom Road
 Dallas, Texas 75236-5629
    Phone Number: 972-708-7400

    SIL International is a faith-based nonprofit organization committed to serving language communities worldwide as they build capacity for sustainable language development. SIL does this primarily through research, translation, training and materials development. Founded in 1934, SIL (Summer Institute of Linguistics, Inc) has grown from a small summer linguistics training program with two students to a staff of over 5,500 coming from over 60 countries. SIL's linguistic investigation exceeds 2,590 languages spoken by over 1.7 billion people in nearly 100 countries. The organization makes its services available to all, without regard to religious belief, political ideology, gender, race or ethnolinguistic background.

    The international headquarters for SIL is located in Dallas, Texas, USA, with additional regional administrative offices on five continents. The organization is incorporated as the Summer Institute of Linguistics, Inc (SIL), a Texas non-profit educational corporation, and is recognized by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service as exempt from income tax under Section 501(c)3 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. An international Board of Directors with 12 members from nine nations provides governance to SIL.

  • The Seed Company

    The Seed Company

    Contact Info:
    Mailing Address: 3030 Matlock Rd. 
Suite 104
 Arlington, Texas 76015 
    Phone Number: +1-817-557-2121

    Mission Statement

    To accelerate Scripture translation and impact for people without God’s Word through Great Commission partnerships.

    Ministry Description

    "God’s Word transforming lives in every language in this generation" is the vision of The Seed Company. We work to complete Bible translations in the heart language of people without God’s Word through partnering with:

    1. National Colleagues

    2. Prayer partners and financial investors

    3. Like-minded organizations

    The Seed Company is committed to the central involvement and ownership of local citizens. Transferring capacity to national colleagues is essential. Projects are clearly defined in terms of time, cost and results. Linguistic and technical training are provided. Translated Scripture is checked for clarity and accuracy. Close ties of accountability are established.

    Our funding model links investors to specific translation projects. By bringing the resources of Christians to the needs of translators, we develop partnerships that result in effective translation efforts. Supporting partners share in the struggles and successes of the project. The foundation of prayer supports every effort.

    The results? Transformed lives and communities as people receive--and respond to--God's message in their own heart language!

    For more information about The Seed Company, please visit

  • The Word for the World Bible Translators

    The Word for the World Bible Translators

    Contact Info:
    Mailing Address: P.O. Box 26363
 Colorado Springs, CO 80936-6363
    Phone Number: +1-719-594-2052

    Mission Statement:

    The mission of The Word for the World Bible Translators is to empower nationals to translate the entire Bible for their own people and to ensure its availability and accessibility.


    The vision of The Word for the World Bible Translators is: 

                      The glory of God 

                      Through transformed lives

                      By the power of his Word 

                      In everyone’s heart language.

    The Word for the World Bible Translators addresses the need for Bible translation by recruiting, training and assisting Bible translators. 

    The main thrust of The Word for the World’s work is pioneer Bible translation (that is translating the Bible into languages into which the Bible has not been translated yet). Our strength is training nationals to do the work for their own people.  We support Bible translation projects organizationally (providing the infrastructure for financial support, coordination, etc.), professionally (providing consultants who assist the nationals in producing quality translations), and technically (assisting in publication and recording of Scripture). 

    Key to our strategy is:

    1. Empowering nationals to translate the Bible for their own people. This process has proved to accelerate dramatically the work of Bible translation, making feasible completion of first time translations of the Bible by 2050.

    2. Offering a decentralized training program - the full content of our previous two-year in-residence program is taken to the countries where the nationals live.

    3. Involving qualified persons in the short term, thereby increasing the number of trainers and consultants that are available.


    Founded in South Africa in 1981, the organization has expanded to six other African countries (Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe), Slovakia, and India, with supporting offices in South Africa, the UK and the US.  

    Distinctive Characteristics of The Word for the World:

     Having originated in Africa, it is indigenous to the Third World. 

     The organization focuses on empowering nationals to do the work of Bible translation for their own peoples. One hundred percent of our Bible translators are nationals, and we are now beginning to develop nationals to serve as Bible translation consultants as well.

     We believe God desires to speak to people through the entire Bible and as such, the goal of every one of our projects is to translate the entire Bible. 

     We also empower nationals to take responsibility for Bible translation at every level of our organization (note: all of our project leaders are nationals), thus supporting the movement towards the Third World’s assuming responsibility and leadership in mission.

  • Wycliffe Global Alliance

    Wycliffe Global Alliance

    Contact Info:
    Mailing Address: 34 Craig Road
    #02-09 Chinatown Plaza
    Phone Number: (65) 62231655

    Mission: To glorify God by promoting and participating in a movement of the Church worldwide to make disciples of all nations through Bible translation.


    Vision: By 2025, a Bible translation program will be in progress in every language needing one.  

    Vision 2025 is an impossible vision that will only be made possible through God's guidance and the partnership of national Bible translation organizations, churches, governments, universities, other missions, communities and individual believers.  Working together, the "impossible" is possible in this generation.  



    Wycliffe Global Alliance is an integrated family of 49 Wycliffe Member Organizations in more than 40 nations, plus 15 official partner organizations.  

    Wycliffe facilitates strategies and activities among these organizations to fulfill the mission and vision through:

    • Engaging the Church worldwide to meet the challenge of reaching people groups without adequate Scriptures.
    • Building and maintaining effective relationships among member organizations.
    • Cultivating and participating in strategic partnerships.   Wycliffe organizations mobilize prayer, people and financial support for Bible translation. Wycliffe helps equip these organizations to share the vision, maximize resources, and minister effectively so that all peoples can have access to God's Word in their heart language.

    Wycliffe was founded in 1942 by William Cameron Townsend. A short-term missionary to the Cakchiquel Indians of Guatemala, Townsend caught the vision for translation when he saw that the Spanish language Bibles he was distributing did not reach the hearts and needs of the Cakchiquel-speaking people. 

    Townsend resolved that every man, woman and child should be able to read God's Word in their own language. Borrowing the name of the Reformation hero, John Wycliffe, who first translated the Bible into English, Townsend founded "Camp Wycliffe" in 1934 as a linguistics training school. He also completed a New Testament translation with the Cakchiquel people. He was a lifelong champion for all the world's Bibleless peoples.  

    Young Townsend's "failed" short-term missions trip led to the creation of two international organizations, Wycliffe Bible Translators and the Summer Institute of Linguistics (now known as SIL).  Today thousands of people from around the world are dedicated to seeing lives transformed through Scripture in the heart language.  

  • Deaf Bible Society

    Deaf Bible Society

    Contact Info:
    Mailing Address:
    Deaf Bible Society

    200 Westway Place Suite 100
    TX 76018
    Phone Number: +1-800-654-3690

    Our Mission

     "God’s Word in Every Sign Language"

    Our Vision

    Motivated by the Great Commission, we seek to reveal the hope of the gospel in Jesus Christ, so that every Deaf person has the opportunity to receive, experience, and share it.

    Our Goal

    Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Arlington, the Deaf Bible Society focuses on:
    Deaf Awareness,
    Access and
    to advance sign language Bible translations and to engage Deaf people groups with the gospel.

  • DOOR International

    DOOR International

    Contact Info:
    Mailing Address: 135 N State St, Suite 200, Zeeland, MI 49464
    Phone Number: 616-741-7200

    DOOR International was birthed out of ministry work that began in 1983 aimed toward training Deaf leaders and establishing indigenous Deaf churches.  Following a merger with United World Mission in 1995, DOOR International was officially founded as a not-for-profit organization in 1999. DOOR International's mission is to "bring God's Word and reproducing Christian fellowships to the Deaf around the world." Using demonstrated reproducible methods, DOOR combats Gospel poverty in Deaf communities in two main ways: As a member of Wycliffe Global Alliance, DOOR helps Deaf communities translate Scripture (Chronological Bible Translation) into various sign languages and distribute these approved translations; and DOOR trains local Deaf Christians to do church planting through evangelism, discipleship, leadership development, and the establishment of local fellowships.    

    Door is engaged worldwide, with projects or leadership development in the Americas, Africa, Eurasia, and Asia/Pacific.  DOOR's vision is "Deaf reaching Deaf for Christ," supporting ministry that is created, designed, and carried out by godly Deaf men and women in the context of Deaf culture and sign language.  

    For more information about DOOR, please visit:

Associate Members

  • 4.2.20 Foundation

    4.2.20 Foundation

    Contact Info:
    Mailing Address: P.O. Box 23027
    Phone Number: +1-804-274-8423


    The “whole Word for the whole world” is the vision of the 4.2.20 Foundation. We are committed to advancing access and engagement with the whole Word of God for every language, culture & people. 

    4.2.20 is the numeric representation of the letters of the Hebrew word ‘Davar’, which means the ‘Word’. 4,220 also symbolizes the remaining task, with over 4,000 languages still requiring a translation of the Old Testament.


    The mission of the 4.2.20 Foundation is carried out through two primary areas:

    • The Institute for Biblical Languages & Translation (IBLT)
    • The Center for Oral Scriptures (COS)

    Through the IBLT, we aim to dramatically accelerate the training of Old Testament translators, checkers & consultants in order to reach the goal of beginning Old Testament translations in every language by 2033. This acceleration will increase the supply of full Bibles available for recording and distribution among oral learners. 

    Through the COS, we equip universities, seminaries, translators, consultants and teachers with knowledge and tools for engaging unreached oral people with whole-Bible worldview and with the whole Word in oral forms.

    Biblical Hebrew Training

    Our 8-month School of Biblical Hebrew is located in Israel and utilizes language learning best practices as well as the spoken Hebrew linguistic environment to accelerate training in a maximally efficient program. We also run intensive schools in Biblical Hebrew Fluency & Pedagogy, as well as a Biblical Hebrew Beginner Course that can be taught in various locations around the globe. A program is being developed to equip fluent modern Hebrew speakers to become translation consultants.

  • Crossway


    Contact Info:
    Mailing Address: 1300 Crescent Street
    Wheaton, IL 60187
    Phone Number: +1-630-682-4300

    Crossway is a not-for-profit Christian ministry that exists to proclaim the gospel through publishing in order to, by God's grace: 

    • Assist individual Christinas and the church in growing in knowledge and understanding of the Christian life; 
    • Bear witness to God's truth, beauty and holiness, and to the Lordship of Christ in every area of life;
    • Help bring men, women, and children to Christ as their Lord and Savior; 
    • Glorify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in every way.  

    Any surplus which may arise is used solely to further the publishing ministry of Crossway.

  • Digital Bible Society

    Digital Bible Society

    Contact Info: 
    Mailing Address: PO Box 7445
The Woodlands, TX  77380
    Phone Number: +1-936-649-1335

    The Digital Bible Society exists to produce and distribute digital means to "export" the scriptures into nations where they are illegal, or prohibited. 

    Digital Bible Society: Production 

    The Digital Bible Society partners with the Body of Christ to produce digital Bibles and Christian resource libraries which promote evangelism, discipleship, and church-planting in every available language on the planet.

    Digital Bible Alliance: Distribution

    The Digital Bible Alliance actively distributes digital Bibles and Christian resource libraries to serve the imminent expansion of the Kingdom of our God and of His Christ.

    Digital Bible Forum: Networking

    The Digital Bible Forum enlists the social equipment of partnering members in the body of Christ to globalize the Gospel of the Kingdom by inspiring and advocating the digital missions movement.

    For more information about Digital Bible Society, please visit

  • Editora Mundo Cristão

    Editora Mundo Cristão

    Contact Info:
    Mailing Address: Rua Antonio Carlos Tacconi 79
    04810-020 Sao Paulo SP
    Phone Number: (+55 11) 2127-4147

    Mundo Cristao is a nondenominational publishing house based in Sao Paulo, specializing in the publication of books and Bibles for distribution in Brazil and throughout the Portuguese-speaking world. Founded in 1965, its mission is to serve the church by producing Bibles and books written from a Christian worldview with the goal of facilitating the transformation of the lives of readers.

    Mundo Cristão has produced dozens of study Bibles, devotional Bibles, and Bible portions. In 2016 it released a new translation known as the Nova Versão Transformadora (NVT), created by a team of Brazilian scholars and editors in consultation with Tyndale House Publishers and employing the translation methodology and original source texts used by the scholars who produced the New Living Translation in English. The NVT has since become one of the most popular translations of the Bible in Portuguese. It has been licensed to other Brazilian publishers for use as the base Scriptures for ancillary products and study Bibles.

  • Global Recordings Network (USA)

    Global Recordings Network (USA)

    Contact Info:
    Mailing Address: 41823 Enterprise Circle North,
    Ste 200,
    CA 92590
    Phone Number: 888-444-7872 (USA only) or +1-951-719-1650


    The vision of Global Recordings Network (GRN) is that people might hear and understand God's Word in their heart language, especially those who are oral communicators and those who do not have Scriptures in a form they can access. GRN accomplishes this by partnering with the Church to effectively communicate the Good News of Jesus Christ by means of culturally appropriate audio and audio-visual materials in every language.


    GRN began in 1939 as a pioneer in the orality missions movement. Today GRN is a network of 22 autonomous International Centers operating through 40 offices worldwide. 

  • Jerusalem Center for Bible Translators

    Jerusalem Center for Bible Translators

    Contact Info:
    Mailing Address: P.O. Box 34120 
Jerusalem 91341  ISRAEL
    Phone Number: +972-2-533-3793

    The vision of the Home has been to support translators and scholars from around the world to deepen their knowledge of the Hebrew Bible while studying in the Land of the Bible.  Since 1995 the Home has hosted over 84 Bible translators and scholars from 28 countries representing 56 languages.  These translators are making it possible for millions native speakers to read the Old Testament in their own language.

    The Jerusalem Center for BIble Translators (formerly Home for Bible Translators) through the Hebrew University program in Jerusalem is truly making a difference in the world!

    Our primary mission is to serve those who serve in the work of translating the Bible from the original Hebrew into over 6,000 languages in the world that do not yet have the Old Testament. Bible scholars and students who are seeking greater understanding of Old Testament text through study projects in the Land of the Bible or a deeper understanding of the Jewish roots of the New Testament are also served. 


    The Home, located in Mevasseret Ziyyon, a suburb of Jerusalem, is ideal for this project.  Up to 12 students can reside in four bedrooms that each contain private bathrooms and showers.  Linens, bedding, and meals are provided by volunteers so students can devote full time to their studies.  Personal needs are met through easy access at the Home to wash clothes, fax and phone, and use of a high-speed Internet access connection. The Home offers a quiet setting for study in an international community of serious students and scholars and hosts a small library and computer-assisted study of the Hebrew language and Biblical Hebrew text.

    Translators increase their skill in understanding the text in its context as they study the language of the Bible while experiencing for themselves the topography, agriculture, artifacts, and climate of the Land of the Bible. They also internalize vocabulary through experiencing Hebrew as a living language at the Hebrew University, in the streets of Jerusalem, at the Home, and on their study trips throughout the Land.

    The involvement of mother-tongue translators increases the stability and economy of translation projects and reduces the burden on the consultants supervising these projects.  Also, after returning to their translation work, HBT alumni have taught the Hebrew of the Bible as well as the history and geography of the Land of the Bible to others in the translation teams.  Thus, the blessing of studying in the Land continues to spread to an even greater worldwide impact. 

    For more information about the Jerusalem Center for Bible Translators please visit

  • Mars Hill Productions

    Mars Hill Productions

    Contact Info:
    Mailing Address: 4711 Lexington Blvd.
    Missouri City, TX 77459
    Phone Number: (800) 580-6479

    For more than 30 years, Mars Hill Productions has produced award-winning films and videos that have been used around the world to introduce thousands of people to Jesus Christ, and to motivate thousands more to share their faith in Christ with others.

    A non-profit, non-denominational media ministry, Mars Hill began in 1977 as a division of Youth for Christ/Houston and was spun off as a separate ministry in 1988. Mars Hill has produced media projects for evangelism, apologetics, discipleship and mobilization in a variety of genres including dramatic film, documentary and video curriculum.

    The most recent Mars Hill project, The HOPE, is an 80 minute dramatic presentation of God’s redemptive story from creation through Christ. The HOPE has been so well received among missionaries worldwide that it has become the primary focus of Mars Hill’s current season of ministry. This emphasis on The HOPE is manifested in translations, Internet ministry, derivative projects, and the worldwide dissemination of this dynamic media tool. While previous Mars Hill projects were primarily effective at reaching westernized audiences, The HOPE is being used to reach an extremely wide variety of tongues, tribes, and nations with the Gospel of Christ.

    For more information, please visit

  • Megavoice


    Contact Info:
    Mailing Address:
    Phone Number:

    MegaVoice produces an ever-expanding line of solar powered audio Bibles enabling ministries to choose and customize to best suit their needs, including the ability to offer bi-lingual and multi-language audio Bibles on one unit.

    Thanks to other partnering audio ministries and Bible Societies, MegaVoice is also home to an expansive Scripture audio library with nearly 10,000 titles and over 4,600 languages and dialects. MegaVoice provides a variety of units that have capacity for a few hours of audio to over a thousand hours.

    Through the years MegaVoice has continued to pioneer innovative tools. Recently MegaVoice launched a new unit specifically designed for the blind and visually impaired with onboard radio and the world’s first ever-solar powered recorder/player.

  • NTM Global Partners

    NTM Global Partners

    Contact Info:
    Mailing Address: 128 Oak View Circle, Lake Mary, FL 32746
    Phone Number: +1 (407) 547 2399

    Founded in 1942 as a US based organization, Global Partners is now an international fellowship of member entities that are closely bound together by our purpose, core values, ministry values and our deep commitment to see the Gospel taken to the least reached ethnic groups of today's world.

    Find out more about New Tribes Mission at

  • SIM International

    SIM International

    Contact Info:
    Mailing Address: 1838 Gold Hill Road 
Fort Mill, South Carolina 29708-6919
    Phone Number: +1-803-548-0885

    Mission Statement:

    The purpose of SIM is to glorify God by planting, strengthening, and partnering with churches around the world as we evangelize the unreached, minister to human need, disciple believers into churches, and equip churches to fulfill Christ’s Commission.

    Ministry Description:

    SIM has been launching workers into ministry around the world since 1893. We are committed to cultivating multicultural mission movements that respond to need, proclaim the gospel, and equip the Church. With over 100 years of ministry experience, our passion is to continue to see the Body of Christ in all places, among all peoples, to the glory of God.

    SIM has more than 1,600 active missionaries serving in more than 60 countries. Our members serve God among many diverse people groups in Africa, Asia, and South America, and are international themselves, representing more than 30 nationalities—including nations that in the past only received missionaries. They also serve in a wide variety of career fields. SIM is looking for people of any ethnicity who have almost any skill imaginable. Contact us today to learn more!

    For more information about SIM please visit

  • Spoken Worldwide

    Spoken Worldwide

    Contact Info:
    Mailing Address: Spoken Worldwide
    12655 N. Central Expy, Suite 600
    Dallas, TX 75243
    Phone Number: Phone: 214-205-4245

    The mission of Spoken Worldwide is to “Deliver Truth…where written words can’t go.” This means finding ways to get the truths of Scripture to the world's oral learners in their most natural learning patterns.

    Spoken's Oral Pastor Development Programs engage local leaders in oral training that helps them multiply disciples for the expansion of God’s Kingdom. The Spoken Orality Coaching services help existing ministries maximize their impact by including effective oral strategies into their own programs. Spoken is also involved in the emerging field of Oral Bible Translation, seeking to provide the full counsel of God to the non-reading population of the world. A deep conviction that spiritual and physical truth cannot be separated but are interwoven by God’s design means Spoken programs incorporate elements that benefit the entire community wherever they work. Through stories, songs, poetry, proverbs, dance, drama, and translation, Spoken's efforts focus on enabling those who can’t, won’t, or don’t read to understand and spread the message and hope of God’s love.

  • Talking Bibles International

    Talking Bibles International

    Contact Info:
    Mailing Address: 419 East Grand Avenue
Escondido, CA  92025
    Phone Number: (760) 745-8105

    Our Mission

    To serve the Lord Jesus Christ by producing and preserving single-voice audio recordings of translated Scriptures in hundreds of languages to make these recordings available in Talking Bibles for people around the world who cannot read.


    The vision of producing single-voice recordings of the Bible was inspired by Dr. Harvey T. Hoekstra, missionary and Bible translator. When Dr. Hoekstra realized that most of the people he worked among could not read, he changed his focus to include them. In 1967, he began making audio recordings for nonreaders. As a result, many more people had access to God's Word in their own language and came to faith in Christ.

    The efforts grew to include recordings of many Bible translations, making them available in other parts of the world, too. In 1989 Dr. Hoekstra established Audio Scriptures International (ASI) in Escondido, California for the purpose of producing, distributing and preserving audio Scriptures in as many languages as possible. Before long ASI had produced or acquired more recorded translations of entire New Testaments than any other audio Scripture organization in the world.

    Things changed when Mark Hoekstra, Harvey's son, created the Talking Bible® . . . a self-contained listening device created to look like a printed Bible . . . the Talking Bible contains an entire New Testament . . . it has revolutionized the way illiterate people can be reached with the Word of God. To place this powerful evangelism tool in the hands of millions, Paul Hoekstra formed the Adopt-a-Village ministry in 1998. Within a few years this program resulted in the placement of Bible listening kits in nearly 20,000 villages in India alone.

    Now, Adopt-a-Village and Audio Scriptures International have come together under the banner of Talking Bibles International. A move of wise stewardship, maximizing the impact of the Talking Bible in the heart languages of people around the world . . . BECAUSE THEY NEED TO HEAR. Those We Serve 

    Talking Bibles International serves the Christian community as well as the non-Christian world.

    We serve…non-readers by providing individuals, churches and Christian organizations with Talking Bibles in many languages.

    We serve…the worldwide church by producing and archiving audio recordings of the New Testament and the entire Bible in hundreds of languages.

    We serve…those who are blind through the provisions of the Talking Bible.

    We serve…the Internet community through our websites.

    We serve…the mission community through our recording studios, backpack studios, field expertise and experience in producing, archiving and distributing audio Scriptures.

    We serve…the non-Christian world through the provision of audio Scriptures via the Internet, a library of recordings and the production of special recordings of selected scriptures.

    For more information about Talking Bibles International please visit

  • Taylor University Center for Scripture Engagement

    Taylor University Center for Scripture Engagement

    Contact Info:
    Mailing Address: 236 West Reade Avenue
    Upland, IN 46989
    Phone Number: 765.998.5204

    Our vision for the Center for Scripture Engagement is to equip people to engage the Scriptures in ways that will drive evangelism, personal discipleship, worldview formation, and church planting.

    Our dream is that Scripture engagement will become one of the most broadly applied missional concepts to emerge in the Christian world in this decade.

  • Virtual Storehouse

    Virtual Storehouse

    Contact Info:
    Mailing Address: 1832 Woodmoor
 Monument, CO 80132
    Phone Number: 630-659-5740

    For more information about Virtual Storehouse please visit

  • YouVersion


    Contact Info:
    Mailing Address:
    Phone Number:

    YouVersion was launched as a website in 2007 to help increase access and engagement with the Bible, part of Life.Church’s missional approach to technology. Since launching as one of the first 200 free apps available in Apple’s App Store in 2008, the Bible App has been installed on hundreds of millions of devices and in every country of the world. Through partnerships with Bible societies and publishers, the Bible App features more than 1,600 versions and supports more than 1,100 languages. To learn more or to download the app, visit

Collaborating Agency 

  • United Bible Societies

    United Bible Societies

    Contact Info:
    Mailing Address: UK Hub, Stonehill Green, Westlea, Swindon, SN5 7PJ, England
    Phone Number: +44-1189 500200

    The world fellowship of national Bible Societies joins together, as the United Bible Societies (UBS), for consultation, mutual support and action in their task of achieving the widest possible, effective and meaningful distribution of the Holy Scriptures and of helping people interact with the Word of God. Bible Societies seek to carry out their task in partnership and co-operation with all Christian churches and with church-related organisations.

    UBS is also involved in providing:

    • Highly qualified consultants to hundreds of translation projects around the world

    • Scriptures in Braille

    • Scripture cassettes

    • Bible portions or selections for use in evangelism or Christian nurture

    • Scriptures on CD-ROM

    • Handbooks and scholarly publications

    • Scriptures for people learning to read

    For more information about the United Bible Societies please visit